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Meet the Chef


Paul Patterson is a Kiwi/Fijian chef that has had quite the culinary career so far. First mentored here in New Zealand by Nick Honeyman (Paris Butter), Paul has worked as a chef and restaurant consultant for more than 12 successful Parisian restaurants including Cantine California restaurant and food truck, Redd 2, Le Cite Fertile, The Canadian Embassy, Le Depanneur, The American Embassy Cantine and Floyds Grill.

His position as head chef for Rosie’s Smokehouse saw him picking up awards at the Memphis in May BBQ World Championship with celebrity chef Mitch Benjamin, and now he has bought his passion for barbecuing to his happy customers on Waiheke Island.

The 38 year-old opened Paulies Kitchen inside the Surfdale Bowling Club in 2023 and is the latest in a flurry of boutique offerings on the Island.

“It’s exactly like you would imagine the inside of a bowling club or RSA would look like, which was half of the appeal to me,” says Patterson.

“Why would you not visit? Twilight bowls, sea views, cheap drinks, gold yarns and good food!” he says.

Located in the

Waiheke Bowling Club

I am really excited to collaborate with this Waiheke Island Institution. It has a great bunch of local supporters, awesome members and everchanging visitors.

From Satisfied Customers


Mike Wood

“I had an amazing experience at Paulie's Kitchen. The food was delicious and the service was excellent. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves BBQ.”


Pat Newton

“Paulie's Kitchen has the best and possibly the only BBQ in town.The sides are fresh and the meats are cooked to perfection. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves good food.”


Tim Adams

“Paulie's Kitchen is a must-visit for anyone who loves BBQ. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is great. The staff are friendly and the service is excellent. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to experience the best BBQ in town.”

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